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The company "Transvit" is a full range of work that ensures quality construction of buildings and objects of any complexity: the construction of grain elevators, construction of houses completed, office and shopping centers, industrial buildings, warehouses, schools, health facilities, construction of industrial and municipal services construction of turnkey cottages and cottage settlements, sports, entertainment complexes and much more. Among other things we provide as the construction of the building and construction of the roof, finishing or restoration work. We guarantee a specific approach to each assignment and client. First of all we are doing the design of future buildings, taking into account all the comments and wishes of the customer. Only after final approval of the work plan is frame construction, or monolithic construction, repair and finishing work, roofing work, installation of all necessary engineering and electrical systems. For the implementation of our safeguards work, we use only the most reliable building materials from leading manufacturers. Modern equipment, latest developments and technologies ensure high-quality home construction turnkey construction of the roof, renovation of buildings and an excellent finish.

The company is currently "Transvit" fully perform the functions of the contractor carrying out any construction throughout Ukraine, controls the timing and quality of construction works, a schedule for construction, financing, and regulates the movement of labor, ensures the supply of all necessary building materials and equipment. Professional design of objects, selection and application of the optimum combination of materials and equipment, as well as constant improvement of methods of work, can most fully meet the requirements of customers in the shortest possible time.