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Fire safety

Пожарная сигнализация

Fire and burglar alarm.
Our company will perform works ranging from the development of the project design document, consistent with a legally and organizations that will continue to protect your facility, equipment selection according to your requests, desires, and financial condition. Used by us equipment and materials repeatedly tested and proven in operation. We tried to perform the work as the preliminary stage of construction in order to advance to remove the wiring and did not violate the design of your premises and in existing facilities within existing architectural and artistic decisions. Doing a job with us, you continue to win at the service of these systems, so as soon as our clients are serviced by a special reduced rates.

Fire-retardant treatment of metallic structures.
We are developing the project work performed by fire-retardant treatment of metal with modern materials, provide a full package of documents in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements.

Fireproof and antiseptic treatment.
Fire-retardant and antiseptic treatment of wooden structures, performed by our organization is based on the use of modern materials and provide certified first degree of fire resistance of wooden structures. Perform the processing has antiseptic properties. After completing processing at us - you decide almost two objectives: to ensure the protection of wood, like fire, and from destroying the bacteria almost the same price as in the only antiseptic treatment of wood.