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ProjectionDepartment of projection  our company performs the full range of design and budgeting, and construction works, which can significantly reduce the time and cost of designing construction, with a high quality of all works and objects in general. One of the areas of specialization our company is designing buildings such as
  •     elevators,
  •     shopping centers,
  •     warehouses,
  •     petrol station,
  •     high-rise residential and public buildings,
  •     industrial buildings and sites,
  •     and much more.

Designing buildings by using advanced software.

In the design of buildings (commercial and industrial facilities) specialists performed the following work:

  •         development of architectural concept of the object;
  •         develop technical specifications for the design of construction of the facility;
  •         preliminary assessment of the features of the facility on a selected area;
  •         Create an album of the object and interior design project;
  •         development of all sections of the project documents accordingly required standards;
  •         supervision during construction work at the facility;
  •         protection of the design decisions during the passage of state examination.